Häufig gestellte Fragen

Who is Escape Room suitable for?

There are no health or age restrictions. Pregnant women, seniors, wheelchair users and children are welcome (just if your mobility is limited, please write us a note in booking form to adjust the room a little). Children below the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult; the participation of younger children should be considered as some of the puzzles will be too difficult for them. Puzzles are based not only on intelligence and logic but also observation, cooperation and common sense. Everybody can take part.

What should we expect?

The game is not frightening, but we promise you pleasant tension, the joy of solving mysteries and team cooperation. You will engage your brain, bring your (crazy or seemingly illogical) ideas to reality and experience the great feeling of solving a puzzle. For example, you will discover a code for opening a lock, a strange object will show you the way to go, or your friend will shine a flashlight while you poke around in a chest that you’ve just opened. If you find it too difficult, we will help you. As a bonus, you will learn interesting facts about the recent history of Bratislava in addition to receiving a small keepsake.

What is the ideal number of players?

One game In the clutches of secret police is for group of 2-5 people. If you are more than five (or just very competitive) you can play duel of two teams. Each team will play the same game in different flats next to each other. Hence the capacity is 10 people in one time. Every group size for the game has its advantages. In theory, the more players the easier the game gets. Two people are ideal for couples looking for an original date idea, or for escape room geeks. Three or four people are great if you’re looking for a challenge, and five people are optimal for teambuilding or those who want to save some money. Whatever your group size, we can – but do not have to! – help you – it’s up to you. If you can’t make it in 70 minutes we’ll maybe release you anyway.

What do we need for the game?

Just enthusiasm and good mood. You don’t need anything special. There is little risk of damaging your clothes or injury. Dress comfortably. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, don’t forget them at home.

When should we come?

We recommend you arrive 5 minutes in advance of your arranged time. There is seating for those who arrive early. Please do not be late as this will give you less time to finish the game.

How can we pay?

You pay on the spot either in cash or by credit/debit card or in Bitcoin or with a voucher/gift card.

What if we do not speak Slovak ?

Don’t worry, as long as at least one of you can communicate in English. The puzzles are either independent of language, or contain a short description in multiple languages. We have prepared also German and French version, but booking for this languages have to be made more in advance.

What if we have special requirements?

You can find our contact information in the Contact section. We will gladly discuss your requirements (a group of more than ten players, company teambuilding, a night visit, a visit to the room by a single person, etc.).

We can no longer come at the agreed date. Is it possible to change the booking?

Bookings can be changed but please contact us, preferably by phone on +421 2 210 255 36, at least 24 hours before the arranged time.

Can I give the game in Brainteaselava Escape Room or Brainteaselava City Game as a gift?

Yes. You just need to send money (49€ standard group, 39€ student group/group of 2) to an acount number SK3775000000004021455547 with BIC: CEKOSKBX and as remittance information insert your favourite 4-digit number. Then send us an e-mail to info@brainteaselava.sk with the remittance information you have used. As soon as we receive the payment, we will send you a gift card with an unique code. If you have further questions or special requirements please contact us on info@brainteaselava.sk.

Who is City Game suitable for?

The game is suitable for everyone who is able to walk 3 kilometers and few stairs at a slow pace with lot of breaks. Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. With his assistance, the tasks are interesting even for the smaller ones.

What should we bring with us?

Comfortable shoes, clothing according to the time of the year and glasses or contact lenses in case you need them. In case of risk of drizzles, we recommend umbrellas or waterproof jackets.

Can we play in any weather?

Yes, except for extreme conditions such as storms, torrential rain or black ice. In case of danger, the game can be temporarily paused or ended.

What if we get lost?

You will be provided with a map and a mobile phone with our contact number. If you are not familiar with orientation on maps, we will give you a short training. The game is played only in the centre of Bratislava, it should not be problematic to come back or ask the passerbies for the route.