City Game in chosen city

City Game outside of Bratislava

  1. We have lots of experience with preparing the game in various locations such as Zochova Chata, Piešťany, or Banská Štiavnica.
  2. The game will be adjusted to the particular location and relevant interesting or fun facts will be added.
  3. Your teambuilding, conference, or other event will become something more -  a combination of fun and sightseeing.

More about City Game

How does it work?

Up to  100 people in 12 teams can participate in a City Game. All teams begin at a prearranged starting point (a hotel/cabin/parking lot…) at the same time (unless agreed upon differently). Each team starts with a different task, but everyone will gradually go through all tasks until, eventually, they get to the final problem everyone has to solve.

The game will be adjusted based on your preferences about the time of duration, difficulty, route, or other specific requests. Afterwards, we will give you the results and evaluation of the game.    

Are you interested in more information about our City Game for big groups? Contact us.

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