How to open new Escape room – franchise

How to open an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms and their variants like outdoor games, or mobile Escape Rooms get really popular in the whole world in last years. But still there is a lot of cities where is none of them or their offer in particular region is (especially because you can not play the same game twice) is unsufficient or with low quality.

And that is a space just for you! With our help you can offer to you guests various games tested with thousands of satisfied players.

Ideal game for beginning? - City Game

In the first phase of building your business can be ideal choice to operate our City Game, modified for your city. Advantages of the City Game are:

  1. Uniqueness - there is much less cities with City Games than those with escape room and most of them have quite monotonous quests and not interactive funny quest connected with locations as ours.
  2. Minimal initial costs
  3. Minimal fixed costs
  4. Large capacity - (Suitable for couples but also for teambuildings for up to 100 people)
  5. Great reviews

City Game Banská Štiavnica

Why to start business with us?

  1. Longtime experience with game design
  2. Best rated games in Slovakia
  3. Different types of games
  4. Small initiate costs
  5. Quick return of your investment
  6. Maximal support
  7. Possibility of various types of cooperation

What do we offer:

  1. Starting business consulting
  2. Help with creating your own games
  3. Realization of Props with special efects (sensors, magnetic locks)
  4. Game area preparation
  5. Turnkey game preparation
  6. Marketing support
  7. Web page with high page authority
  8. Online booking system
  9. Marketing training
  10. Operation support

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Ideal additional activity? - Mystery Dinner

Mystery Dinner is great additional activity to running escape room or city game. Advantages of the Mystery dinner are:

  1. Uniqueness - there is quite a few countries where sth likes mystery dinner is running. Moreover our version is slightly different, including much more role play
  2. Minimal initial costs
  3. Zero fixed costs
  4. Ideal for teambuilding
  5. Great reviews