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  • Famous people puzzle

    From pictures on the bottom make names of famous people. First five is English, bonus is in Czech. Solution The … Viac »
  • Movie puzzle

    Try to identify famous movies. For geeks there is bonus movie. Hints are connected to movie names not movies themselves: 1. … Viac »
  • Palindrome puzzle

    A palindrome is a sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward. Use the hints to find two … Viac »
  • Word Soccer puzzle

    Make a chain of names based on given hints. The last two letters of one name has to be same … Viac »
  • Pyramid brainteaser

    There is a pyramid of indications for you - from every row of words create a new one, related to … Viac »
  • Tranformation puzzle

    Find the name of a country by transformation of the marked words: My name is ‪#‎boy‬ whom melted wax in … Viac »
  • Marsepjan problem

    One day an armenian boy Henrik Marsepjan went on a trip with his russian friend Vladimir Sepjulnov and his dog … Viac »