Nice puzzles – Intro

Here you can find puzzles used in our competition for 20% discount on admission. If you like it, try also our game In the clutches of secret police. Puzzles there are even more interesting :)
ATTENTION! These competition puzzles are often difficult or/and demanding knowladge of some facts. Puzzles in game "In the clutches of secret police" have different character. They are playfull and based more on observation and common sense. No facts are needed there. The game is prepared both to make fun for experienced escape room geeks and to be solvable also for novices :)

Famous people puzzle

From pictures on the bottom make names of famous people. First five is English, bonus is in Czech. Solution The correct answers are... Read more

Movie puzzle

Try to identify famous movies. For geeks there is bonus movie. Hints are connected to movie names not movies themselves: 1. State in USA + famous singer Tom and trek in the shape... Read more

Palindrome puzzle

A palindrome is a sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward. Use the hints to find two words which create a palindrome. Example: A manufacturer of office... Read more

Word Soccer puzzle

Make a chain of names based on given hints. The last two letters of one name has to be same as the beginning of a next one (e.g. bicycle-lego-gospel). Names may consist of 2... Read more

Pyramid brainteaser

There is a pyramid of indications for you - from every row of words create a new one, related to each from that row. From the new four words create a final word: backboard, throw,... Read more

Tranformation puzzle

Find the name of a country by transformation of the marked words: My name is ‪#‎boy‬ whom melted wax in his wings#. Yes, my parents had a passion for antiquity, my sister is... Read more