Sense of teambuilding in Brainteaselava

What skills can Brainteaselava help you develop?

Cooperation and communication:

Even the smartest and most capable team won't be successful if it is full of individualists. Developing ideas or sharing information is the key to success. If someone finds the key immediately, but he keeps it for himself while others are hopelessly trying to find a solution, there will be trouble.

Effective brainstorming:

Ability to focus, to listen to others, to consider their ideas  and to build your own ideas, even the seemingly far-fetched. With healthy realism, but without unconstructive criticism. What to do with an unknown object, a cipher or a map is best found out cooperating.


Both in work and in privacy, simple and clear solutions are usually the most successful ones. And ability to formulate your ideas and your plans simply and comprehensibly is usually a great benefit. Having a great mind is hardly beneficial if you cannot share your ideas with the group.

Complex analysis of a problem:

Solving a task with explicit instruction is one thing. However, in reality it does not seem to occur frequently. The same applies to our game. Your task is to complete the mission and escape, but how? You have to consider all of the available objects, what are they useful for, what does the mysterious message mean. Will you be able to find out what exactly is your task and how could it be accomplished?

Situations of crisis:

Everything is going your team’s way, but suddenly serious difficulties occur. In escape rooms it happens to be so called stoppage, the road that has seemed so clear suddenly disappears. There are no more clear options, or on the contrary there are too many clues to work with. Will you be able to find a leader able to distribute the tasks effectively? Or an organizer who will write down the resources, whether they have already been used or, on the other hand, could be efficient?