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Team building in Brainteaselava

Do you want a team building to have fun, improve relationships or communication in your company or organization? We have several great activities for groups for up to 200 people. All activities are available in English.

  1. Escape room (for 2 to 20 people) - intense experience in 70 minutes, team in theme room have to cooperate to escape in time. More info here
  2. City Game (for 2 to 80 people) - team based outdoor game for 1 to 3 hours, interactive quests, beautiful views, picturesque places in Bratislava's old town. More info here
  3. Mystery Dinner (for 7 to 36 people) - Detective role-play game aimed at communication and logic thinking. Played in great restaurant with delicious dinner. More info here.
  4. Interactive quiz (for up to 200 people) - A relaxing, yet still thrilling opportunity for friendly competition. Not only does the quiz contain facts and questions from various interesting fields.
  5. Custom Team building (for up to 200 people) - favorite activities adjusted to your needs, experienced staff, anywhere based on your preferences. More info here.

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Customer reviews:

We expected especially to have fun and challenge as a group on our teambuilding. We found Brainteaselava via internet and were inspired by the professional design of a website. We liked their games very much, the feedback from all employees was positive.. We enjoyed especially complexity of tasks and precise design of the rooms, so I definitely will recommend Brainteaselava to others.

Erlacher Wolfgang, Rewe International

We are a team of 12 people in an Austrian company and went to the escape room for teambuilding. We were seperated into 3 groups so we made a challenge who will escape the room fastest. It was tricky for all of us because we were beginners but it was a lot of fun too and it was really exciting from the beginning to the last second. Some tips from the friendly staff was necessary to get on but in the end one of our groups could already escape before the time of 70 minutes was over and won the challenge. 
We absolutely recommend this escape room, as well for beginners as advanced Players :)

Tanja Pichlhoefer, F. List

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