Enter a magic house and find a legendary Treasure of Jánošík or experience fun and thrill in a flat of secret agent.

Enjoy unique atmosphere with a team of 2-5 people (3 teams can play at once) and challenge your cooperation and common sense.

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Discover Bratislava city centre in an amusing and unconvential way! Can you find your way and complete your mission?

City Game full of original tasks for teams of 2-5 people, facts and myths and great views of Bratislava.

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Become a detective and taste an atmosphere of the first Czechoslovak Republic. Will you reveal the killer and avoid your own suspicion?

An exciting detective game for 7-12 players in a comfort of a great restaurant.

Do you want a team building to have fun, improve relationships or communication in your company or organization?

Besides standard games offered on daily basis we offer also plenty of other activities with capacity up to 500 people that we adjust according to your needs.

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Gift Card

Be original and give your loved ones an amazing adventure in a form of a Gift Card Brainteaselava. They can choose if they will use it for Escape Room or City Game.

Another option is a gift card for a Mystery Dinner. Gift cards are valid for more than a year so you definitely will find a proper date to play.