Escape Room game

What is Escape Room?

Can you escape earlier than Secret Agent comes?Real-life adventure activity for a group of 2 - 5 people. The group is captured in a theme flat with objective to fulfill secret mission and get out within 70 minutes. They solve original interactive puzzles based on common sense, cooperation and observation skills.

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Real-life escape rooms (or panic rooms) arose from “escape the room” computer games and have become popular worldwide. While the goal of the real-life game is the same as in its computer counterpart, in a real-life escape room you are completely enveloped by the game environment with all of your senses being engaged.

Escape game „In the clutches of secret police“

Step back in time into the era when the secret police was hunting the enemies of the state. Enter the apartment from which many victims have vanished without a trace. Will you be able to escape it alive having collected valuable information in the fight for freedom?

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How to get out?

Do you like old machines?Explore the room carefully, reveal the meaning of seemingly useless items and put all the information together. Solving every puzzle gets you closer to your goal of escaping and everything starts to make sense. If you get stuck, we will be there to help you.

There are lots of details to be noticed, so share all your ideas and observations with your teammates. Only a cooperating team has a chance to escape. As the time is running out and adrenaline rising, cool head is your best friend.