Do you want a team building to have fun, improve relationships or communication in your company or organization? We offer various great activities for groups for up to 500 people. All activities are available in English.

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escape room

2 - 20 at a time

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Intense experience in 70 minutes, team in theme room have to cooperate to escape in time.

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city game

2 - 100 at a time

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Team based outdoor game for 1 to 3 hours, interactive quests, beautiful views, picturesque places in Bratislava's old town.

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mystery dinner

7 - 36 at a time

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Detective role-play game aimed at communication and logic thinking. Played in great restaurant with delicious dinner.

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2 - 500 at a time

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Favorite activities adjusted to your needs, experienced staff, anywhere based on your preferences.

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Escape Room

  • intensive experience in 70 minutes
  • possible to play in any weather
  • fun with added value for company
  • suitable for anyone

Just in Brainteaselava Escape Room you can compete with another team in real time. Third team can play In the clutches of secret police so you can play with 20 people at a time.

If there are more of you, you can play after each other (80 people/ half day). Teams that are not playing can have a rest in nice neighboring restaurant with 20% discount on whole menu.

Would you like to have fun in an Escape room, but you can’t come to Zámocká street? No worries, we can come to your place and adjust the game to your needs. We offer mobile versions of game In the clutches of secret police for 30-70 minutes, Treasure of Jánošík for 30 minutes or Escape tent quarantine for 15 minutes. Advantage is higher capacity, as we can prepare up to 6 games at once.

intensive experience in 70 min

possible to play in any weather

fun with added value for company

suitable for anyone

Customer reviews

Our little group of 8 people had a lot of fun solving all the riddles ! Very creative and challenging puzzles, in English, various tasks all very well made. Our two teams could actually play simultaneously as there are two same rooms, hence a funny competitive spirit 🙂 Moreover the staff is super friendly and helpful! We highly recommend !

Jeremy Feller, Henkel

BrainTeaseLava escape room was our teambuilding activity where we did duel mode. It is a very good experience where one needs to apply elementary logic and investigation skills. Personal was very kind and informed us thoroughly about what we can expect. Overall game experience was really good, very nice mystery and escape to solve.

Martin Repiščák, Hawlet Packard

City Game

  • fun while solving original quests
  • mysterious places and great views
  • interesting facts and myths about Bratislava
  • up to 10 teams can play  at same time

This game can be played by up to 100 people in 12 teams. All teams start in the same time from Zámocká street (unless agreed otherwise). Each team starts with a different puzzle, but each team gradually goes through all puzzles until every team makes their way to the final puzzle.

The game has 2 variants: Short – taking up to 2 hours, and Long – taking up to 3 hours. After each game we prepare an announcement of results in chosen restaurant.

After game you can get a 20% discount in restaurant Pulitzer u zlatého jeleňa or 15% discount in restaurant Štefánka, where you can have a rest after the game and we can announce game results there. Discount is valid if you choose a la Carte.

Besides our stable City Games in Bratislava and Banská Štiavnica we can prepare a City Game also in other cities and localities (Zochova chata, X-bionic Šamorín etc.). We adjust the game to your needs in length, difficulty, route or any special needs.

fun while solving original quests

mysterious places and great views

interesting facts and myths about Bratislava

up to 12 teams can play  at same time

Customer reviews

We were searching for a teambuilding that will improve our team-work and will be fun. We found the City Game by searching through the internet. Everyone was satisfied, game was interesting and enjoyable, we had a lot of fun. The best was going around the city, exploring new places and team-work to resolve tasks so I will recomend the game to everyone.

Monika Ďuríková, Johnson Controls Inc.

Mystery Dinner

Mystery Dinner will help you improve your team communication, test your analytical thinking and you’ll enjoy some great food. Find out how you colleagues take on their unusual roles, solve unexpected problems and analyse all available information. Will you successfully uncover the murderer?

The game takes place at a table at the Štefánka by Pulitzer restaurant (or another place of your choice). Each participant plays a character and receives a couple facts about them. One of the characters at the table is the killer, but at the beginning nobody (including the killer) has a clue who it is.

Your group’s goal is to figure out who is the murderer using the information you’ve gathered from others and the proof you’ve gained. Each of you also has a side task that makes the game a lot more fun, and that is to play your character as convincingly as possible, including their positive or negative traits.

To have a dinner during the game is great choice but optional. If you order the food, it will be served in intermissions during the game. In the case of special discounted Menu á la Baťa there are three courses. Other option is to order  a la Carte with 15% discount.

One game is suitable for 7 -12 players. If you are bigger team, we will split you to more game tables. We can prepare 3 game tables for up to 36 players in total.

At your house, work, an event or a restaurant of your choice anywhere in Slovakia. We can create an interesting crime-filled evening anywhere you want, where you’ll travel back in time to the 1930’s, get in character and solve a mysterious crime together.

Customer Reviews

Great experience!We’ve got Mystery Dinner as a Team Building- I highly recommend this activity to every company who wants to give their employees awesome and funny memory.Thank you very much for great experience!

Lenka V., Amazon

Each of the players is assigned role with its special features and also secrets. The aim is to find who is a murderer of an old shoemaker. It can be pretty interesting as new and new facts are being revealed during the game. Therefore the main suspicious characters are also changing so it is pretty dynamic and you are never really sure how it will end up.

Definitely recommend this to everyone who likes games and puzzles 🙂

Miroslav Liščinský, Dell

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