Customized teambuilding activities

Customized team-building activities

Apart from the Escape Room and City Game, we also offer other team-building activities tailored to your needs. We adjust the activities to fit your preferences in order to achieve the goals of your team-building - be it getting to know new colleagues, strengthening relationships in a group, development of creative thinking, or practicing problem-solving.

The customized teambuilding activities offer includes:

Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard is an entertaining outdoor game, where players practice teamwork, have fun together, and push their limits. Various tasks such as conquering a castle, archery, riding a mono-cycle, or visiting an Escape tent will engage every team member. Apart from practicing teamwork, the activities encourage taking on new challenges and will leave lasting memories for everyone involved.

Treasure hunting:

This outdoor game helps develop logical thinking. Teams get through the game with the help of clues they obtain by solving tasks and deciphering secret messages. Innovative thinking, patience, sharp perception and basic skills in map-reading and orientation are qualities that greatly aid in successfully completing this game.

One minute game:

Intense and competitive, One Minute game allows teams to compete against one another. The game involves completing lots of small tasks, for which the teams have exactly one minute (in special cases, the time limit can be increased a bit). These small tasks include identifying objects while blindfolded, guessing words based on a teammate’s description, a beer relay race, a quick quiz, running around each other, and others. The players get to practice dealing with stressful situations as well as dividing a task into smaller parts to incorporate individual skills of every team member.

Interactive quiz:

A relaxing, yet still thrilling opportunity for friendly competition. Not only does the quiz contain facts and questions from various interesting fields, the participants also get to have fun seeing their colleagues or friends in unexpected, yet hilarious and entertaining situations while they complete tasks included in the quiz. Can you guess how your colleagues or friends will do? The game will reveal general knowledge the players possess as well as the extent to which they know one another.

„Thank you Brianteaselava for great team-building, that enjoyed each participant! It was a great time full of fun and good mood. Organization and also all activities were at great quality level. Definitely recommended for all age categories"

Denisa Bukovská, Danube Facility Services

„On behalf of our company I want to say thank you for amazingly prepared event, great atmosphere unforgettable experience and also will to fulfill  all our  requirements. It was really a pleasure. . Bolo nám naozaj potešením. Our people enjoyed the whole day immensely and especially for that I really recommend Brainteaselava for all people interested in team-building." 

Hana Karnasová, Gefco Slovakia

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