Team building

Team Building in Brainteaselava

Entertaining and exciting teambuilding with added value for your company? That is Escape Room and also Brainteaselava City Game.

- Who is proactive and who is just an observer?
- Who would cheer others when it is not going well?
- Who is the visionary and will lead the ideas to successful end?

Are you more than 10 or have you any special requirements(catering,  other activities, escape room on the different place, ...)? Contact us.

With combination of Escape Room and City game you can play up to 80 people at once.

Escape Duel:

Only in Brainteaselava Escape Room you can compete with the opposite crew  in real time. We have two identical rooms right next to each other. Challange next department or another company. Who will be the first to escape?

Brainteaselava Escape Room is adventure activity which brings you a lot of amusement and surprising moments. You will break the ice with your colleagues and strengthen the team spirit while solving our mission.

Brainteaselava City Game moreover offers exploring Bratislava centre, great views and fresh air. 

A key to success in both is cooperation, comunication within the team, concentration, resistance to stress and especially ability to listen to the others.

Teambuilding v Brainteaselave

Team building in Brainteaselava tried also employees of these companies: