List of Games

Escape room Treasure of Jánošík

Enter a magic house and find a legendary Treasure of Jánošík. Can you overcome all obstacles on the way to it?

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Escape duel Treasure of Jánošík

Two games with the same story and same puzzles. Which team will be faster?

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Mystery Dinner Murder at Baťa's

Become a detective and taste an atmosphere of the first Czechoslovak Republic. Will you reveal the killer and avoid your own suspicion?

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Escape Room Secret police

Fun and thrill in secret agent's flat. Can you solve all the puzzles, understand clues and uncover secrets?

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Brainteaselava City Game

Discover Bratislava city centre in an amusing and unconvential way! Can you find your way and complete your mission?

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City Game Banská Štiavnica

Discover beauties of Banská Štiavnica in fun and amusing way. Can you reveal all the secrets and find the Treasure of Banská Štiavnica?

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