Terms of Service

  1. General

These general Terms of Service (“ToS“) are subject to relations between the company Brainteaselava s.r.o, seated at Tománkova 4, 84105 Bratislava, IČO/BIN: 50665979 (the “Seller“) and individuals or companies (the “Buyer“), who purchase, order or subscribe services, products or other goods from the Seller via the website www.brainteaselava.sk, by email at info@brainteaselava.sk, by phone at +421 2 210 255 36, or personally at Seller, at Zámocká 36, 811 01, Bratislava.

The Seller operates live action experience activities: Escape Room In the Clutches of Secret Police, Escape Room Jánošík´s Treasure, Brainteaselava City Game and Mistery Dinner: Murder at Baťa´s (the “Games“).

The maximum length of the Escape Room In the Clutches of Secret Police and Escape Room Jánošík´s Treasure (the “Escape Rooms“) is 70 minutes. Maximum length of Brainteaselava City Game and Mistery Dinner: Murder at Baťa´s is 180 minutes. After this time limit, the game ends. This time can be extended by the Seller, or the Game staff (“Game master”) on favorable circumstances and if the Buyer agrees with that.

Th Seller also creates and organizes other teambuilding activities, specifically made by Buyer´s request (“Activities“).

Game reservation

By booking the Game, the Buyer agrees to be bound by the ToS. The Buyer also agrees that all players will be bounf by ToS and Game rules explained by Game master before the Game. Should the Buyer not agree with the ToS or it´s part, he can not book the Game.

A Game can be booked in Slovak, English and German language.

The age restriction is 13 years of age. Anyone younger than 13 can play the Games only with the presence of an adult.

A Game can be booked personally, via the order form on website www.brainteaselava.sk, by telephone at +421 2 210 255 36, or by email at info@brainteaselava.sk.

The Buyer bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided during the reservation. By confirming the reservation of the Game, the Seller obliges that all provided information is correct. In case of error, the Buyer can contact the Seller by phone or by email.

After reservation, the Buyer receives a confirmation email on his chosen email address.

The contract between the Seller and the Buyer takes effect in the moment of confirmation of the Game reservation.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the reservation of a Game at any time. The Seller must return the full paid price to the Buyer in this case.

  1. Price & payment

Price for the Games is published on the internet page www.brainteaselava.sk. The price depends on the type of the Game and on the number of players. The price is bound in the moment of confirmation of the Game reservation.

Payment is possible directly after the Game, by means of cash payment, card payment, bank wire transfer or by gift voucher card.

Cash and card payment Buyers will receive the payment receipt. In case of bank wire transfer, the Buyer will be provided an invoice.

  1. Canceling of reservation

A Game reservation can be cancelled 24 hours before the start of the Game without any fee.

If the Buyer cancels the Game in less than 24 hours before the start of the Game, he is required to pay a cancellation fee to the Seller of 50% of the price of the reserved Game.

The same terms apply if the Buyer cancels only one out of more reserved Games.

The same terms apply during the Game Mystery Dinner: Murder at Baťa´s if attendance of one of the players is canceled. Also is applied on Menu a la Baťa

Players has to arrive 5 minutes before the time stated in the Game reservation. If the Buyer, or any team player is delayed by more than 10 minutes, the time limit of the Game begins, without any means for full or part price refund.

In case of Mystery Dinner if any player delays for more than 30 minutes and for that reason will be also delayed start of the Game, the Buyer will be charged a waiting fee of 10 euros per each 30 minutes..

Game rules & security

General contition for Game participation is the unconditional following of all security and service rules, stated in the ToS or provided by the Seller or Game master, by the Buyer and all players.

Every player enters the Game at his own responsibility. Entry for persons under 13 years of age is possible only with the presence of an adult, who takes full responsibility of said person.

The Game cannot be played by persons under the influence of alcohol, other drugs or similar substances.

Smoking and using narcotic or psychotropic substances in Seller’s spaces is forbidden.

The use of brute strength is forbidden during the Game. Using brute strength may damage the equipment during the Games. In case of damage, the Buyer is required to pay for the damages. The usage of mobile phones, tablets or other technical devices, for assistance, recording videos, taking pictures, or other means, is forbidden during the Games. Violation of this rule is subject of a fine of up to 1000 €. The Game master will gladly offer a photograph at the end of a Game.

If the Buyer or any player suffers from cardiovascular or other serious condition, he must inform the Seller or Game master of this fact, and is recommended to reconsider his participation in the Game, given his condition and the possible complications.

By entering the Game, the Buyer and all players confirm that his health condition allows him to participate in the Game.

During the Game, it is necessary to follow basic safety rules in addition to the Game rules and the ToS. It is forbidden to manipulate with any electrical devices. Usage of pocket knives, weapons or other devices is also forbidden, as is the use of matches, lighters or any open fire sources.

All Game indoor premises are equipped with a security camera system, all Games are monitored. In case of need, the Game master can offer assistance during the Game, or can approach personally. Records from Games can be used only in cases of protection of security, health or property and are not used otherwise, unless the Buyer wishes to.

The Buyer and all Game participants are required to store their personal belongings or other valuables in lockers, located at the reception. The Seller is not responsible for any loss or theft of said personal belongings or valuables, that were not stored in the lockers.

In case of violation of Game rules, inappropriate behavior or non-observance of Game instructions, given by the Game master, by the Buyer or other players, the Seller reserves the right to terminate the Game without any refund.

Money return guarantee

If the Buyer is not satisfied with the Game, he is entitled to ask the Game master to quit the Game before the end of the Game and ask for the full price refund. This guarantee applies only if the Buyer followed all the instructions from the Game master and the instructions in these ToS.

  1. Copyright

I tis forbidden to use, copy, reproduce, alter, translate, publish, sell or distribute any information obtained during the Game. This information might be sensitive and can, by spoiling it, ruin the Game experience of other people. It is also forbidden to create any activity or work from this obtained information, without the written agreement of the Seller.

  1. Privacy policy

Personal information is processed in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such dataMore information can be found at https://brainteaselava.sk/en/privacy-policy/

  1. Final provisions

In the event that any provision of these ToS is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these ToS, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.

These ToS and all documents that will contain these ToS follow the law of the Slovak Republic, all disputes fall to the jurisdiction of Slovak court system.

The Seller reserves the right to change and amend these ToS. Change takes effect in the moment of publication on website www.brainteaselava.sk

ToS are kept in virtual form only and are not available in a physical copy.

Bratislava, 16.1.2019

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